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Hurtin' On Me

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High Improver
Nicola Lafferty (Nov 2014)
Hurtin' on Me by Chris Carmack. Album: The Music of Nashville, Season 2, Volume 2, Deluxe
Intro: Begin on main vocals (approx 16 secs from start)

[1-8] 2 Stomps, 2 Side Touches, 2 Stomps
1,2Stomp RF in place, Stomp LF next to RF
3,4Touch RF to R side, Close RF to LF
5,6Touch LF to L side, Close LF to RF
7,8Stomp RF in place, Stomp LF next to RF

[9-16] 2 Toe Struts Fwd, Rock Fwd, Recover, Back
1,2Touch R toe fwd, Drop R heel
3,4Touch L toe fwd, Drop L heel
5,6Rock RF fwd, Recover weight to LF
7,8Step RF back, Hold

[17-24] 2 Quick Walks Back, 2 Slow Walks Back, Back, Close
1,2Walk Back LF, Walk back RF (Q,Q)
3,4Walk back LF, Hold (S)
5,6Walk back RF, Hold (S)
7,8Walk back on LF, Close RF to LF (Q,Q)

[25-32] 2 Slow Walks Fwd, Step 1/4 Pivot, Cross
1,2Step LF fwd, Hold (S)
3,4Step RF fwd, Hold (S)
5,6Step LF fwd, ¼ pivot turn to R (face 3.00) (Q,Q)
7,8Cross LF over RF, Hold (S)

[33-40] Step Together, Step Touch, Step Touch, Step Brush
1,2,3,4Step RF to R side, Close LF to RF, Step RF to R side, Touch LF next to RF
5,6Step LF to L side, Touch RF next to LF
7,8Step RF to R side, Brush LF fwd

[41-48] Cross Strut, Side Strut, Side Shuffle
1,2Cross L toe over RF, Drop L heel
3,4Touch R toe to R side, Drop R heel
5,6,7,8Step LF to L side, Close RF to LF, Step LF to L side, Hold

[49-56] Stomp & Fan
1,2,3,4Stomp RF fwd, Fan R foot to R, to L, to Centre
5,6,7,8Stomp LF fwd, Fan L foot to L, to R, to Centre

[57-64] Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn Close, Heel Digs x2
1,2Rock RF fwd, Recover weight to LF
3,4Make ¼ turn to R as you step RF to R side, Close LF to RF
5,6Touch R heel fwd, close RF to LF
7,8Touch L heel fwd, Close LF to RF

Begin again


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