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Hurts So Good

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Carl Sullivan - January 2019 - Sydney
Hurts So Good by John Mellencamp. Album: The Best That I Could Do
Start on Vocals - Sequence is 64, 44, 64, 36, 64, 64, 32
1-2Step R to R, Step L beside R
3&4Step R fwd, ¼ R Step L beside R, Step R back (triple step) - 3:00
5-6Step L behind R, Step R to R
7&8Cross Samba (L, R, L)

1-2Cross-step R over L, Step L to L
3&4 3/8 R Side Shuffle on diagonal
5-6Step L across in front of R, Step R to R on diagonal
7&8Sailor Step (L, R, L) on diagonal finishing facing 6:00 (L fwd) 6:00

1-2Cross-step R over L, Step L to L
3&4½ R Side shuffle R-L-R to R side - 12:00
5-6Cross-step L over R, Step R to R
7&8Step L behind R, Step R to R, Cross-step L over R

1-2-3&4Rock R to R, Replace on L, Cross shuffle R-L-R to L side
5-6-7&8Step L to L, Step/Slide R beside L, Low Kick L to L diagonal, Ball-Cross

1-2-3&4(R2) Rock L to L, Replace on R, ½ turn L Side shuffle… Restart 2 - 6:00
5-6-7&8Cross-step R over L, Step L to L, ¼ R Sailor Step (R, L, R) - 9:00

1-2-3&4(R1) Step L fwd, Step R fwd turning ½ L, Side Shuffle L-R-L to L side - 3:00
5-6Cross Rock R over L, Replace on L
7&8¼ R Fwd Shuffle R-L-R, - 6:00

1-2-3-4Step L fwd, Kick R fwd, Step R back Touch L toe back
5-6-7-8Step L fwd, Roll fwd L stepping R, L, R

1-2Step L fwd to L, Step R to R
3-4½ turn L Step L fwd to L, Step R to R - 12:00
5&6-7-8Shuffle fwd L-R-L, Step R fwd, Pivot ½ turn L onto L - 6:00

Restarts: -
R1. On Wall 2 dance 43 ½ counts then ¼ L Step L fwd on count 44.
R2. On Wall 4 dance 34 count, then Step L to L, Touch R beside L

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