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Oh Baby!

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High Intermediate
Lam Lam (CN)
Do It Again by Pia Mia ft. Chris Brown, Tyga (3:33mins)
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Intro: 40 counts ( about 25 seconds, after the rap on the strong beat)

(1-8) Walk L, Mambo 1/2R, 1/4R Behind 1/4L, Spiral 3/4L, Side Rock Cross Side)
1 2&3Walk L fwd(1), Rock Fwd on R(2), Recover on L(&), 1/2R Step R fwd(3)
4&5 61/4R Step L to side(4), Step R behind L(&), 1/4L Step L fwd(5), Step R fwd Spiral 3/4 turn L (weight on R)(6)9:00
7&8&Rock L to side(7), Recover on R(&), Cross L over R(8), Step R to side(&)

(9-16) Cross Rock, 1/4L Sailor Cross Side Together, Cross Side Together Cross
1 2Cross Rock L over R(1), Recoveron R(2)
3&4&51/4L Step L behind R(3), Step R slightly to side(&), Cross L over R(4), Step R to side(&), Step L together(5)6:00
6&7 8Cross R over L(6), Step L to side(&), Step R together(7), Cross L over R(8)

(17-24) 3/4L, Back , 1/2L, Cross 1/4R, Side Rock, Back Rock
1 2 3 41/4L Step back on R(1), 1/2L Rock fwd on L(2), Recover back on R(3), 1/2L Step L fwd(4)3:00
5 6Cross R over L(5), 1/4R Step back on L(6)6:00
7&8&Rock R to side(7), Recover on L(&), Rock back on R(8), Recover weight fwd On L(&)

(24-32) Side Lunge, Sailor 1/2R, Weave, Cross unwind3/4R
1 2Lunge R to side(1), Recover weight to L(2)
3&4Step R behind L (3), 1/4R Step L beside R(&), 1/4R Cross R over L sweeping L from back to front(4)12:00
5&6&Cross L over R(5), Step R to side(&), Step L behind R(6), Step R to side(&)
7 8Cross L over R(7), unwind 3/4R, transfer weight to R(8)9:00

(33-40) Side Rock Corss X2, 1/2R Cross, 1+1/4 Turn R
1&2Rock L to side(1), Recover on R(&), Cross L over R(2)
3&4Rock R to side(3), Recover on L(&), Cross R over L(4)
5&61/4R Step back on L(5), 1/4R Step R to side(&), Cross L over R(6)3:00
7&81/4R Step R fwd(7), 1/2R Step back on L(&), 1/2R Step R fwd(8)6:00

(41-48) Walk, Pivot 1/2L, Shuffle 1/2R, 1/4R Side Rock Sailor Cross
1 2&3Walk L fwd(1), Step R fwd(2), Pivot 1/2L(&), Step R fwd(3)12:00
4&51/4R Step L to side(4), Cross R over L(&), 1/4R Step back on L(5)6:00
6&7&81/4R rock R to side(6), recover on L(&), Cross R behind L(7), Step L to Side(&), Cross R over L(8)9:00

On Wall 3 & 6, restart the dance after 32 counts, facing3:00
On Wall 5, dance to count 16, then step R beside L, restart the dance facing 6:00

Ending: The dance ends on Wall 8 after 8 counts .Modify the last 2 counts to
“ Rock L to side(7), 1/4R Step on R(&), Step L fwd (8) “



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