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Oh Me My Mercy

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Beginner / Improver
Alison Johnstone (Perth WA ex Scotland)
"Oh Me My Mercy" Ronnie Beard
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Prepared By: Alison Johnstone (Nuline Dance) Email:

Start: On Vocals

(1-8) Right Kick Ball Change, Right Toe Strut, Left Kick Ball Change, Left Toe Strut (12.00)
1&2Kick Right forward, Step Right into Left, Step on Left (Kick Ball Change)
3, 4Right toe forward, Slap Right heel to the floor (Toe Strut)
5&6Kick Left forward, Step left into Left, Step on Right (Kick Ball Change)
7, 8Left toe forward, Slap Left heel to the floor (Toe Strut)

(9-16) ½ Pivot Turn, Right Shuffle Forward, ¼ Pivot Turn, Left Shuffle Forward (9.00)
9, 10Step forward on Right, Pivot ½ turn over Left
11&12Step forward Right, Step Left into Right, Step forward Right (Shuffle)
13, 14Step forward on Left, Pivot ¼ turn over Right
15&16Step forward Left, Step Right into Left, Step forward left (Shuffle)

(17-24) Scuff Step, Scuff Step, ¼ Pivot Turn, Right Shuffle Forward (6.00)
17, 18Scuff Right past Left, Step forward on Right
19, 20Scuff Left past Right, Step forward on Left
21, 22Step forward on Right, Pivot ¼ over Left
23&24Step forward Right, Step Left into Right, Step forward Right (Shuffle)

(25-32) Step Left swaying hips Left, Sway Right, Sway Left, Sway Right, Walk Forward, Touch (6.00)
25, 26Step Left to Side slightly forward on the diagonal swaying hips to Left, Sway hips back Right
27, 28Sway hips forward Left, Sway hips back Right
29, 30Walk forward Left, Walk forward Right
31, 32Walk forward Left, Tough Right toe into Left


A big thank you to Ronnie for sending me the music from his new album.
I hope you enjoy dancing to the track I chose to choreograph to.
GOOD LUCK with the album Ronnie.

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