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Puttin On The Nines

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Patti Nivens
Building Bridges by Brooks and Dunn
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This dance was choreographed specifically for a Beginner Only Workshop.
The workshop featured a Top Ten List of Beginner Line Dance Steps and this dance incorporates nine of them.
It wasn’t choreographed to go with any specific music, so feel free to be creative with the music of your choice!
If you find a fun song that goes well with the dance, please add it to the sheet.

Right Toe Strut, Left Toe Strut, Jazz Box
1-2Step right toe forward, drop right heel
3-4Step left toe forward, drop left heel
5-6Cross right over left, step left back
7-8Step right to the side, touch left together

Vine to the Left, Vine to the Right
1-4Step left to side, step right crossed behind left, step left to side, touch right together
5-8Step right to side, step left crossed behind right, step right to side, touch left together

Locking Step, Rock Recover, Coaster Step
1-4Step left forward, lock right behind, step left, brush right
5-6Rock forward on the right, recover on the left
7&8Step right foot back, step left foot back, step right foot forward

¼ Turns, Kick Ball Change, Shuffle
1-2Step forward with the left, turn ¼ right, taking the weight to the right
3-4Step forward with the left, turn ¼ right, taking the weight to the right
5&6Kick left foot forward, place weight on the ball of the left, change weight to the right
7&8Shuffle forward left, right left

Patti Nivens, Instructor in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area

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