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Sobrielo Philip Gene

Sobrielo Philip Gene - Line Dance Choreographer
Sobrielo Philip Gene has choreographed 216 dances, of which 91 have been co-choreographed. Their first published stepsheet on CopperKnob is Keep Holdin' On from October 2007, with their most recent stepsheet of Be Kind in May 2021.

Additionally, Sobrielo Philip Gene has recently had 2 dances in the top 10.

Choreographer Stepsheets

SUMTHIN GOOD  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

32 Count    4 Wall    intermediate/advanced hip hop   Music: I'm Good - Blaque Ivory

SPICE IT UP  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

    0 Count    1 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls

SOS  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

0 Count    2 Wall    intermediate   Music: S.O.S. (Rescue Me) - Rihanna

SAR-VIVOR HOP  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

64 Count    1 Wall    intermediate   Music: The Sar-Vivor Rap - Gurmit Singh

RUMORS AGAIN!  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

32 Count    4 Wall    intermediate/advanced   Music: Rumors - Lindsay Lohan

REBORN  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

0 Count    4 Wall    intermediate   Music: Born to Hand Jive - Sha Na Na

OUR FAMILY  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG), Melvin Foo, Derek Ho & Donovan David

32 Count    4 Wall    beginner/intermediate   Music: Family Affair - Mary J. Blige

1 2 STEP  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

    32 Count    4 Wall    beginner/intermediate hip hop   Music: One, Two Step - Ciara

NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

0 Count    0 Wall       Music: No Doubt - CoCo Lee

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK  Laight Thomas Shawn Christopher & Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

    32 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Boys - Britney Spears

MOVE THAT BODY  Yang Wei Cheng & Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

    0 Count    4 Wall    intermediate   Music: Move Ya Body - Nina Sky

MJ SMOOTH CRIMINAL  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

64 Count    4 Wall    intermediate/advanced   Music: Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

MJ SCREAM  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

32 Count    4 Wall    intermediate   Music: Scream - Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson

A LOVE STORY IN TOKYO  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

112 Count    1 Wall    beginner/intermediate   Music: A Love Story In Tokyo - 12 Girls Band

KEEP QUIET!  Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

32 Count    4 Wall    beginner/intermediate   Music: Shut Up - Black Eyed Peas

KEEP HOLDIN' ON  Mitchell Burgess, Travis Taylor (AUS) & Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG)

72 Count    2 Wall    intermediate/advanced waltz   Music: Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne

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