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Jan Wyllie (AUS) & Rosalie Mackay (AUS) - September 2014
Why Don't You Spend the Night - Ray Dylan
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One 8 Count Tag, One Restart

** Thanks to Henrico for the great song **

What a buzz to co write a dance with Rosalie Mackay! The two old girls of Australian linedance choreography…. (-:
We’ve both been around for a long time Rosalie, but girl, we’ve still got it~ Yeehaaaaa!

[1-8] Across Side 1/4 Coaster Step Tap Heel Jack
1,2Step R across L, Step L to left,
3&4Making 1/4 right step back on R, Step L beside R, Step fwd on R (3.00)
5,6Step fwd on L, Tap R behind L
7&8Step back on R, Touch L heel fwd, Step fwd on L, Touch R beside L (heel jack)

[9-16] Side Shuffle Rock Recover Side Behind 1/4 Rock Recover
1&2Step R to right, Step L beside R, Step R to right
3,4Rock/step L behind R, Recover fwd on R
5,6,7,8Step L to left, Step R behind L, Making 1/4 left rock/step fwd on L, Recover back on R (12.00)

[17-24] 1/2 Shuffle 3/4 Turn Cross Shuffle Side Rock Recover
1&2Making 1/2 left shuffle fwd LRL (6.00)
3,4Making 1/2 left step back on R, Making 1/4 left step L to left (9.00)
5&6Step R across L, Step L to left, Step R across L
7,8Rock/step L to left, Recover sideways onto R

[25-32] Stomp Kick &Across Side Rock Recover Side Shuffle
1,2Stomp L behind R, Kick R fwd
&3,4Step R beside L, Step L across R, Step R to right
5,6Rock/step L behind R, Recover fwd onto R
7,8Step L to left, Step R beside L, Step L to left *Restart here on wall 5

[33 – 40] Rock Recover 1/4 Shuffle Step Pivot 1/4 Cross Hold
1,2,Rock back on R, Replace weight on L
3&41/4 Turn right shuffle fwd R, L, R (12.00)
5,6, 7,8Step fwd on L fwd, Pivot ¼ turn right transferring wt to R (3.00) Cross L over R, Hold

[41 - 48] 1/4 TurnShuffle 1/2 Turn1/2 Turn Toe Strut Rock Recover
1,2Make 1/4 turn left step back on R, Step L beside R (12.00)
3&4Shuffle fwd RLR making 1/2 left (6.00)
5,6Making 1/2 turn left step L toe fwd, Drop L heel (12.00)
7,8Rock/step fwd on R, Recover wt back on L

[49 -56] Full Turn 1/4 Hold &Cross Side Behind Point Toe Back
1,21/2 Turn right step R fwd, 1/2 Turn right step L back
3,41/4 Turn right step R to side, Hold (3.00)
&5,6Step L beside R, Cross R over L, Step L to side
7,8Step R behind L, Point L toe diagonal back

[57 -64] & Cross Point &Cross Side Rock Recover Diagonal Kicks &
1,2,&3,4Cross L over R, Point R toe fwd to right diagonal, Step R beside L, Cross L over R, Step R to side
5,6,7,8&Recover weight on L as you turn to left diagonal, Kick R fwd, Step R fwd, Kick L fwd, Step L beside R

*There is an 8 count Tag at the end of wall 2 - facing 6.00
Cross Side, Sailor Step, Cross Side, Sailor Step
1,2,3&4Step R across L, Step L to left, Step R behind L, Step L to left, Step R to right
5,6,7&8Step L across R, Step R to right, Step L behind R, Step R to right, Step L to left

*There is a Restart on wall 5 after count 32 - facing 9.00

Choreographers note: This is for those people who ‘feel’ the music.
During the last part of wall 6 the music may feel strange but just keep on dancing and it all comes good within 4 counts….
Rosalie and I hope you enjoy the dance!

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