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Taka Takata

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Phrased High Beginner
Hilda Foo (NZ) - July 2018
Taka Takata – By Joe Dassin
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Start on vocals (approx. 14 counts in)

Sequence: AA; B; Tag1; B(32) AA;Tag2; B(32); AAA

Sect.A – Chorus (16 cs)
*1st Eight Of A Side Mambo
1&2,3&4RF side mambo, recover, step RF besides LF
5&6,7&8Mirror with LF
*2nd Eight of A Paddle turns
1-8Step RF forward with ¼ turn over left shoulder, 4 paddle turns
Sect. B- Main (48 cts)
#1st Eight: Walk Forward, Mambo. Walk Back, back mambo
1,2, 3&4Walk forward, R L. Rock on RF, recover on L, Step RF back
5,6, 7&8Walk Back, L, R, Rock LF back, recover on R, step LF forward
#2nd Eight: Right and Left Cross Samba (travelling forward)
1&2, 3&4,Cross RF over L, step LF slightly to L side, Step RF together with L. Cross LF Over R, step RF slightly to R side, step LF together with R
5&6, 7&8Repeat
#3rd Eight: Step Forward with ¼ turn over L, cross shuffles. Side Rock, cross shuffles
1,2, 3&4Step RF forward, ¼ turn over left shoulder, step LF to side, cross shuffles
5,6, 7&8Side rock on LF, recover on R, Cross LF over R, shuffles
#4th Eight: Box steps. Shuffle
1,2,3&4Step RF to right, close LF besides R, RF forward shuffle
5,6, 7&8Step LF to left close RF besides L, LF back shuffle
#5th Eight: Side together, triple steps on the spot
1,2, 3&4Step RF to side, step LF besides R, triple steps RLR
5,6, 7&8Mirror with LF.
#6th Eight: Forward/back mambo. ¼ turn over L, side mambo
1&2, 3&4RF forward mambo, recover, step RF besides L, LF back mambo, recover on R, step LF besides R
5&6,7&8¼ turn over left shoulder, RF side mambo. Mirror with LF
Tag 1 (10 cts) - 1/2 turn R and 1/2 turn L, circular Voltas to the back/front. Walk forward R L
1&2&3&4Step R 1/2 turn right, LF step ball behind RF, Step R. (R L R L R L R)
5&6&7&8Step LF 1/2 turn left, RF step ball behind LF, Step L. (L R L R L R L)
9,10Walk forward, R, L
Tag 2 (8 cts) - Step to side, touch with claps (facing the 3rd wall @ 9 o’clock)
1,2,3&4Step RF to right, touch LF besides RF, Clap 3 times (3&4)
5,6,7&8Step LF to left, touch RF besides LF, clap 3 times (7&8)


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