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Up All Night

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High Improver
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - October 2019
Up All Night - Sarahbeth Taite : (iTunes and Spotify)
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**2 Restarts on Walls 2&6 ## do first 16 counts then restart.
Feet tog. weight on L

S 1: Side R, Tog, Scissor Cross, Side L, Behind, Heel ball cross
1 2Step R to side, Step L tog
3&4Step R to side & Step L tog, Step R across L
5 6Step L to side, Step R behind L
7&8Touch L heel 45° & Step L tog, Step R across L

S 2: Side L, Slow Hinge ½ R, R to side-Hips x 3, L Sailor & R behind, ¼ L-L fwd, Touch R tog
1 2Step L to side, Turning ¼ R-Hitch R (3 o’clock)
3&4Turn a further ¼ R step R to side-Bumping hips RLR (6 o'clock)
5&6Step L behind R & R to side, Step L to side
&Step R behind L
7 8¼ L-Step L fwd, Touch R tog (3 o'clock)
## both restarts occur here on walls 2 and 6 to restart at back wall.

S 3: Cross, Point, L Samba, Across, Back, Full turn back
1 2Step R across L, Point/touch L to side
3&4Step L across R & R to side, Step L fwd
5 6Step R across L, Step L back
7 8½ R Step R fwd, L fwd turning ½ R (3 o'clock)

S 4: Lock Shuffle back, ½ L Shuffle fwd, R fwd, Pivot ½ L, Walk fwd RL
1&2Step R back & Lock L across R, Step R back
3&4½ L-L fwd & R tog, L fwd (9 o'clock)
5 6Step R fwd, Pivot ½ L (3 o'clock)
7 8Step R fwd, Step L fwd




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