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Señor No No No (P)

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Matt Thomson (USA) - January 2020
Señorita - Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
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Start: Closed position with man facing LOD. Opposite footwork
Hand Wording: Dave Monroe

(1-8) Man: Rock, Recover, Shuffle back, Rock, Recover, Shuffle forward
1-2Rock forward R, Recover L
3&4Shuffle back R, L, R
5-6Rock back L, Recover R (Arms: bring man’s L arm (lady’s R) over lady’s head then drop outside hands)
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L (Arms: connect inside hands, man’s R and lady’s L)
(1-8) Lady: Rock, Recover, Shuffle forward, Step ½ turn, Shuffle forward
1-2Rock back L, Recover R
3&4Shuffle forward L, R, L (facing RLOD)
5-6Step forward R, Turn ½ turn L stepping L (facing LOD)
7&8Shuffle forward R, L, R (both facing LOD in side by side position)

(9-16) Rock, Recover, ¼ turn shuffle, Cross rock, Recover, Step side L, Step R (lady’s steps will mirror man’s steps)
1-2Rock forward R, Recover L
3&4Turn ¼ R stepping R, Step L beside R, Step R side (man facing OLOD, lady facing ILOD)
 (Tag and Restart here during 7th repetition)
5-6Cross L over R, Recover R
7-8Step side L, Step R beside L

(17-24) Step side, Hold, Behind, Side, Cross (x 2) (lady’s steps will mirror man’s steps)
1-2Step side L, Hold
3&4Cross R behind L, Step side L, Cross R over L
5-6Step side L, Hold
7&8Cross R behind L, Step side L, Cross R over L

(25-32) Man: Rock side, Recover with ¼ R, Rock, Recover with ¼ L, Walk, Walk with ¼ turn L, Shuffle forward
1-2Rock side L, Recover R turning ¼ turn R (facing RLOD) (Lady mirrors these steps facing RLOD)
3-4Rock forward L, Recover R turning ¼ turn L (facing OLOD) (Lady mirrors these steps now facing ILOD)
5-6Walk L R while turning ¼ turn L (facing LOD) (turning the lady)
Arms: Man’s L arm and Lady’s R arm are connected, Lady turns under her R arm
7&8Shuffle forward L, R, L into closed dance position
(29-32) Lady: Turn ¼ R, Turn ¾ R, Shuffle back
5-6Turn ¼ R stepping R (facing LOD), Turn ½ R stepping L (facing RLOD)
7&8Shuffle back R, L, R into closed dance position

Begin Again

TAG: After 12 counts of repetition 7 replace counts 13 thru 16 with the following (lady’s steps are opposite)
13-14Sway L, Sway R while making ¼ turn L into closed position
15 & 16Shuffle forward L, R, L
Restart dance after this count 16

Last Update – 23 Jan. 2020


OreoBay February 23, 2020
Two questions ... Could you please post a video? I would love to teach this to my couples, but would feel more confident if I could see the dance first. ... and in the 3rd section, just wanted to be sure the counts are 1, 2, 3 & 4 vs the line dance count of 1, 2 & 3,4? same with next set of four - is it 5 - 6, 7 & 8 vs line dance count of 5, 6 & 7-8? Thank you!! Love your dances!!

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