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Gitty Up Daisy

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Phrased Intermediate
Mark Paulino (USA) & Chris Jacques (USA) - June 2021
Daisy Dukes - Katelyn Paige
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Sequence: A-A-Restart-B-C-C-A-B-C-C-C-A-B-C-C
Intro - 16 counts

Part A (32 counts)
A [1-8] Skate forward x2, Shuffle forward, Kick
1,2Skate R forward on R diagonal (1), Touch L next to R (2)
3,4Skate L forward on L diagonal (3), Touch R next to L (4)
5,6,7,8Shuffle forward on R diagonal: R (5), L (6), R (7), Kick L forward (8) - weight R, facing 1:30

A [9-16] Cross, out, out, Knee swivel, Kick, Behind, Side
1,2,3Cross L over R (1), Step R to R side (2), Step L to L side, weight split (3)
4,5,6Swivel both knees L (4), R (5), Recover weight L, kicking R to R side (6)
7,8Cross R behind L (7), Step L to L side (8) - weight L, facing 12:00
A [17-24] 1/4L Turn with hip sway x3, Step Side with toe drag
1,2Rotate 1/4 L turn Stepping R to R side (1), Sway hips, touching L next to R (2)
3,4Rotate 1/4 L turn Stepping L to L side (3), Sway hips, touching R next to L (4)
5,6Rotate 1/4 L turn Stepping R to R side (5), Sway hips, touching L next to R (6)
7,8Rotate 1/4 L turn Stepping L to L side (7), Drag toe of R next to L (8) - weight L, facing 12:00

A [25-32] Kick, Cross, Side Rock, Recover x2
1,2Kick R in front of L (1), Cross R over L (2)
3,4Rock L to L side (3), Recover weight R (4)
5,6Kick L in front of R (5), Cross L over R (6)
7,8Rock R to R side (7), Recover weight L (8) - weight L, facing 12:00

(Second A: restart into B after 16 counts)

Part B (32 counts)
B [1-8] Heel swivel walk, Side heel touch, L Sailor step, Step with Hip sways
1&2&3Walking forward on both balls of feet while heel swivels in and out -Land R ball forward (both heels in)(1)-Lift L foot forward (both heels out)(&)-Land L ball forward (both heels in)(2)-Lift R foot forward (both heels out)(&)-Land R ball forward (both heels in)(3)
4Swivel R heel swivel out putting full weight shift on R as L side heel touch
5&6L crosses behind R(5), R steps besides L(&), L steps forward in a diagonal (6)
&7,8R neutral step(&), hips sway R(7), hips sway L(8)
(Hint: when you hip sway L, have L slightly turned towards R for 3/4 toe strut prep)

B [9-16] 3/4 Toe strut, Rock recover 1/4 step, 1/4 turn with 3/4 paddle turn
1,2 3/4 turn R facing 9:00 with R toe touch forward(1), land R heel down putting full weight(2)
3&4Rock L forward(3), recover back on R(&), 1/4 turn L facing 6:00 stepping L forward(4)
5&6&7&8&1/4 turn L facing 3:00, performing a series of R ball changes keeping the weight shift over L with a 3/4 turn L facing 6:00. -Neutral/Side ball step with R(5)-Step on L slightly turned L(&)-Neutral/Side ball step with R(6)-Step on L slightly turned L(&) -Neutral/Side ball step with R(7) -Step on L slightly turned L(&) -Neutral/Side ball step with R(8) -Step on L slightly turned L facing 6:00(&)

B [17-24] Step forward squat, Hand clap, Step forward with body roll up, Side rock recover step forward x2
1,2Big step forward with R while bending both knees(1), clap hands(2)(Clap hands under R for style)
3,4Step forward with L, pushing both knees forward using the momentum to body roll up in an upright position(3,4)
5&6R side rock(5), recover back on L(&), step forward with R(6)
7&8L side rock(7), recover back on R(&), step forward with L(8)

B [25-32] Heel switches, Back toe strut with 1/2 turn, Two step turn, Scuff hitch stomp
1&2&R heel touch forward(1), R steps besides L(&), L heel touch forward(2), L steps besides R(&)
3,4R toe touch back(3), 1/2 turn R landing R heel down putting full weight(4)
5,6L step forward with 1/2 turning R(5), R step back with 1/2 turning R(6)
7&8L scuff forward(7), L hitch forward(&), L stomp forward(8)

Part C (16 counts)
C [1-8] Stomp, Side kick, Sailor step x2
1,2R stomp besides L(1), R side kick(2)
3&4R cross behind L(3), L step besides R(&), R steps forward in a diagonal(4)
5,6L stomp stomp besides R(5), L side kick(6)
7&8L cross behind R(7), R step besides L(&), L steps forward in a diagonal(8)

C [9-16] Side rock, recover, weave x2
1,2R side rock(1), recover on L(2)
3&4R cross behind L(3), L side step(&), R cross over L(4)
5,6L side rock(5), recover on R(6)
7&8L cross behind R(7), R side step(&), L cross over R(8)



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