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Lucy Cooper (UK) - January 2022
Trombone - AronChupa & Little Sis Nora
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Intro: 8 counts

R to side, L Sailor Step, Cross Point, Side Point, Back, Back w. Kick, Step Forward w. Flick
1 2&Step R to side, cross L behind, step R to side,
3 4Step L to side, point R across L
5 6Point R out to R side, step R back facing R diagonal
7 8Step back onto L as you kick the R forward, step onto R as you flick the L behind (all to the right diagonal)

Cross, Side, ¼ Sailor Step L, Forward, Lock Step, Side, Swivel R Heel, Swivel R Toe
1 2Cross L over R, step R to side
3&4Step L behind R turning ¼ L, step R to side, step L forward (9.00)
5 6&Step R to R diagonal, lock L behind R, step R to R diagonal
7&8Step L to side, swivel R heels in, swivel R toes in

Knee in, Ball, Touch, Coaster Step, Charleston Forward & Back
1&2Bring R knee across L, step R back, touch L forward
3&4Step L back, step R together, Step L forward
5 6Point R forward, step R back
7 8Point L back, step L forward

Forward, Hitch, Back, Touch Behind, ½ R, Full Turn R Stepping L R, Side
1 2Step R forward, hitch L
3 4Step L back, touch R back
5 6Pivot ½ R transferring weight onto the R, turn ½ R stepping L back
7 8Turn ½ R stepping R forward, step L to side as you lift the R in preparation (3.00)

TAG (After wall 5 and 6, Both at 3.00)
Forward, ¼ Pivot R, Cross, Full Unwind L
1 2Step R forward, ¼ pivot L ending with weight on L (12.00)
3 4Cross R over L, Slow full unwind (ending with weight on L)
(On the second tag, only dance the first 2 counts)

NOTE: Wall 6 after the first tag is danced very slowly to fit the music. The second tag happens straight after and brings you back to the front wall to start the dance again up to full speed.


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