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Conga Line

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Low Improver
Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) - May 2022
Conga - Meek Mill, Leslie Grace & Boi-1da
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Intro: 16 counts

Walk, Walk, Point fwd, Point R, Shuffle, Step Pivot 1/2R
1-2Walk R forward (1), Walk L forward (2), (12:00)
3-4Point R forward (3), Point R to R side (4),
5&6Step R forward (5), Step L next R (&), Step R forward (6),
7-8Step L forward (7), Pivot 1/2 R Step R forward (8), (6:00)

Walk, Walk, Point fwd, Point L, Shuffle, Mambo 1/4R
1-2Walk L forward (1), Walk R forward (2),
3-4Point L forward (3), Point L to L side (4),
5&6Step L forward (5), Step R next L (&), Step L forward (6),
7&8Rock R forward (7), Recover on L (&), 1/4R Step R to R side (8), (9:00)

Cross, Point, Step, Kick, Coaster Step, Step Pivot 1/2 L
1-2Cross L over R (1), Point R to R side (2),
3-4Step R forward (3), Kick L forward (4),
5&6Step L back (5), Step R next L (&), Step L forward (6),
7-8Step R forward (7), Pivot 1/2 L Step L forward (8), (3:00)

Hip Bump, Hip Bump, Jazz Box
1&2Step R to R diagonal bumping your hips to R diagonal (1), Bump hips back(&), Bump hips forward putting weight on R foot (2)
3&4Step L to L diagonal bumping hips to L diagonal (3), Bump hips back (&), Bump hips forward putting weight on L foot (4)
Option : as you bump your hips, you can roll your hands forward with fist close.
5-6-7-8Cross R over L (5), Step L back (6), Step R to R (7), Step L forward (8),

FUN : When you start the dance facing 3’ or 9’, Grab the shoulders of the person in front of you, after pivoting the 1/2, you can grab again the shoulders to the person in front of you !

Ending: Last wall (when you hear the piano playing), during the last jazz box, do a 1/4 R to finish facing front wall

Smile and start the dance again !

Jean-Pierre Madge :

6 JUN '22 50


Jen1 May 15, 2022
Vote #1, song last for all century !always love hearing it, Thanks for Choreo it 👍

Totty May 15, 2022
Looks great fun especially at socials 👏👏

Dwi Astutiningsih May 15, 2022
Love it

Angels May 26, 2022
Lots of fun with this dance, thanks Jean-Pierre loving it at Angels classes x

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