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Short and Sweet

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Easy Intermediate
Kate Sala (UK) & Dee Musk (UK) - January 2023
#16 Count Intro.

Diagonal Step With Hip Sways, Diagonal Shuffle, Full Turn Left With Side Rock & Cross.
1 2Step forward on R to right diagonal swaying hips right. Sway hips L. (With dips)
3 & 4Travelling to right diagonal step forward on R. Step L next to right. Step forward on R.
5 6Turn 1/4 left stepping forward on L. 9:00 Turn 1/2 left stepping back on R. 3:00
7 & 8Turn 1/4 left with side rock left. Recover on to R. Cross step L over R. 12:00

Diagonal Step Back, Swivel In Toe, Heel, Hitch x 2, Side Step Slide x 2, Triple Step 3/4 Turn Right.
1& 2&Step R back on right diagonal. Swivel L toe in towards R. Swivel L heel in. Hitch L knee.
3& 4&Step L back on left diagonal. Swivel R toe in towards L. Swivel R heel in. Hitch R knee.
5Step R out to right side sliding L in towards R. (Weight on R).
6Step L out to left side sliding R in towards L. (Weight on L).
7 & 8Turn 3/4 right stepping on R, L, R. 9:00

Step Forward, Lock, Step, Step Forward, Lock, Step, Step forward, Rock, Recover, Step Back x 2, Out Out.
1 2 &Step forward on L. Lock step R behind L. Step forward on L.
3& 4&Step forward on R. Lock step L behind R. Step forward on R. Step forward on L.
5 6Rock forward on R, Recover back on to L.
& 7Run back on R, L.
& 8Step R out to right side. Step L out to left side.

Swivel Left Heels Toes Heels With Hitch, Swivel Right Heels Toes Heels Hitch With 1/4 Turn Left.
1 & 2Swivel both heels left. Swivel both toes left. Swivel both heels left whilst hitching R knee.
3 & 4Swivel both heels right. Swivel both toes right. Swivel both heels right making a 1/4 turn left hitching L knee.

Step Forward, Rock Forward, Recover, Turn 1/2 Right, Turn 1/2 Right Stepping Back.
5 6 &Step forward on L. Rock forward on R. Recover on to L.
7 8Turn 1/2 right stepping forward on R. Turn 1/2 right stepping slightly back on L. 6:00

Start Again ENJOY!

ENDING: During wall 6 facing the back, dance up to count 14 then do the triple step,
turning only 1/2 right to face the front wall and continue to dance 1 2 & 3 of section 3, step forward on Right. Dah Dah!!

22 MAR '23 50


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