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Call it Love

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Low Intermediate
Tobias Jentzsch (DE) - February 2023
Call It Love - Felix Jaehn & Ray Dalton
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The dance starts after 16 Counts intro, with the vocals.
One Tag after wall 2 & 6, 6 Counts.

S1: diagonal-step lock & diagonal-shuffle forward, cross, 1/4-Turn r, chasse r
1-2&step RF diagonally fwd (1), lock LF behind RF, step RF slightly fdw (&)
3&4step LF diagonally fwd, close RF next to LF, step LF
5-6cross RF over LF, ¼-Turn r while steping LF back (3:00)
7&8step RF to right, closse LF next to RF, step RF to right

S2: cross, point, kick-ball-point, sailor step, sailor-1/4-Turn r
1-2cross LF over RF, point right Toe to the right
3&4kick RF fwd, close RF next to LF & point LF to the left
5&6step LF behind RF, small step RF to right, small step LF to left
7&8step RF behind LF, ¼-Turn r while stepping small step LF to left (6:00) & small step RF to right

S3: rock step, triple-3/4-Turn l, cross rock, chasse-1/4-Turn r
1-2Rock LF fwd, recover on RF
3&41/4-Turn l while stepping LF to left (3:00), 1/4-Turn l while stepping RF slightly to right (12:00), 1/4-Turn l while stepping LF to left (9:00)
5-6Rock RF across LF, recover on LF
7&8step RF to right, close LF next to RF, 1/4-Turn r while stepping RF fwd (12:00)

S4: step, ½-Turn r, shuffle forward, step ½-Turn l, step 1/2-Turn l
1-2step LF fwd, 1/2-Turn r on both Balls (6:00) (weight on RF)
3&4step LF fwd, close RF next to LF, step LF fwd
5-6step RF fwd, 1/2-Turn l on both Balls (12:00) (weight on LF)
(Tag: in wall 2 on 6 o‘clock and in wall 6 auf 12 o‘clock)
7-8same as 5-6

Tag : 1/2-Turn l, 1/2-Turn l, 2x rock steps with Body-roll
1-21/2-Turn l while stepping LF back (6:00), 1/2-Turn l while stepping RF (12:00)
3-4Rock RF fwd, recover on LF (while rolling your Body from the top to the bottom)
5-6put weight back on RF, recover on LF (while rolling your Body from the top to the bottom)

Repeat till the Music ends.


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