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Gonna Be You

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Darren Tubridy (UK), David Sinfield (UK), Noel Bowes Bonham (UK) & Geoff Evans (UK) - March 2023
Gonna Be You (feat. Gloria Estefan & Debbie Harry) - Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle & Cyndi Lauper : (80 for Brady OST)
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Intro: 8 counts (approx. 5 secs) – Start on main vocals

S1 [1-8] Walk R, L, Anchor Step, Cross Rock, Recover, Side Rock, Recover, ¼ Turn Coaster
1,2Walk forward R, walk forward L
3&4Step R behind L (R instep to L heel), recover weight on L (&), rock weight back on R
5&Cross rock L over R, recover weight on R (&)
6&Rock L out to L side, recover weight on R (&)
7&8Make ¼ turn L stepping back on L, step R next to L (&), step forward on L [9:00]

S2 [9-16] Cross, Side, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock, Recover ¼ R, ½ Turn Shuffle Back
1,2Cross step R over L, step L to L side
3&4Step R behind L, step L to L side (&), cross step R over L
5,6Rock L out to L side, make ¼ turn R recovering weight forward on R [12:00]
7&8Make ½ turn R stepping back on L, step back on R (&), step back on L [6:00]

S3 [17-24] R Kick Ball Touch, L Kick Ball Hitch, Cross R, Back L, Chasse R
1&2Kick R forward, step ball of R next to L (&), touch L to L side
3&4Kick L forward, step ball of L next to R (&), hitch R
5,6Cross step R over L, step back on L (*See note below about RESTARTS here)
7&8Step R to R side, step L next to R (&), step R to R side [6:00]

S4 [25-32] Cross Rock, Recover, Sailor ¼ L, R Vaudeville, L Vaudeville
1,2Cross rock L over R, recover on R sweeping L from front to back
3&4Cross step L behind R making ¼ turn L, step R to R side (&), step L to L side [3:00]
5&6Cross step R over L, step L to L side (&), touch R heel to R diagonal
&7&Step R next to L (&), cross step L over R, step R to R side (&)
8&Touch L heel to L diagonal, step L next to R (&)

Start Over

*RESTARTS: (with step change) During WALL 2 and WALL 5 (both facing 9 o’clock) dance up to and including count 6 of S3 then replace the chasse R (counts 7&8) with:
Step R to R side (7), cross step L over R (8)
Then Restart the dance


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