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Faded Dreams

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Intermediate - Rolling 8 count
Maddison Glover (AUS), Simon Ward (AUS) & Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - May 2023
Ain't Got A Shot - Nate Barnes
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Introduction: 8 Counts

R Forward, Pivot ½, ¼ Side, L Behind, Hitch R, Cross R Behind, ⅛ Forward, Rock/ Recover, ⅜ Forward, ½ Back with Sweep, Back, Tap Forward
1,2aStep R forward, Pivot ½ turn over L (weight on L) (6:00), Turn ¼ L stepping R to R side (3:00)
3,4aStep L behind R hitching R knee into position four (knee turned out), Cross/step R behind L, Step L to L side (3:00)
5,6Cross/Rock R over L, Recover weight back onto L (3:00)
a7Turn ¼ R as you step R forward (6:00), Turn ½ R as you step back onto L whilst sweeping R from front to back (12:00)
a8Step R back with R knee slightly bent, Touch L toe forward (both knees are now slightly bent) *RESTART Wall 3 & 6

Step on L, Touch R Together, R Back, Tap Forward, Ball, ¼ as you Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross, Sway x3, ½ Pencil Turn
a1Step down onto L, Touch R toe beside L
a2Step R back with R knee slightly bent, Touch L toe forward (both knees are now slightly bent)
a3Step down onto L, Turn ¼ L as you step R to R side whilst sweeping L from front to back (9:00)
4&aCross L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R
5,6,7Step R to R side as you sway body to R side, Sway body to L taking weight onto L, Sway body to R taking weight onto R
8Transfer weight down onto L as you make ½ pencil turn over L (weight still on L) (3:00)

Mambo Forward, Back with Sweep, Sailor, Behind with Sweep, Turning ¼ Coaster, Forward as you Hitch, Back as you Raise Leg, Coaster step
1&a2Rock R forward, Recover weight back onto L, Step R back, Step L back as you sweep R from front to back (3:00)
3&aCross R behind L, Step L to L side, Step R slightly to R side
4Cross L behind R as you sweep R from front to back as you start to make ¼ turn R
5&aComplete the ¼ turn as you step back on R (6:00), Step L beside R, Step R forward
6,7Step L forward as you hitch R knee up, Step R back as you raise L leg forward (straight leg)
8&aStep L back, Step R together, Step L forward

During the third and sixth sequence you will start the dance at 12:00. Dance up until count 8a and restart facing 12:00.

At the end of the seventh sequence, add the following 2 counts facing 6:00: Walk R fwd, Walk L fwd

Maddison Glover; Simon Ward; Fred Whitehouse;;

2023 26 MAY 1 27 JUL '23 100


Yuli27 May 20, 2023

gypsycowgirl June 2, 2023
stunning choreography

prbruce57 June 4, 2023
I taught to Wednesday morning class. Love it - Line Dance With Pam - GurneseyπŸ‘πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ

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