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Cross The Line

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Jean-Pierre Madge (CH), Mona Falk (NOR), Anette C. Holtet (NOR) & Tove Richvoldsen (NOR) - October 2023
Your Heart Or Mine - Jon Pardi
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Walk R,L, Rock in Chair, Step, Pivot 1/4, Quick Jazzbox
1-2Step R forward (1), Step L forward (2), 12:00’
3&4&Rock R forward (3), Recover (&), Rock R back (4), Recover (&)
5-6Step R forward (5), Pivot 1/4L (6) 9:00’
7&8&Cross R over L (7), 1/4R Step L back (&), Step R to R (8), Step L forward (&) 12:00’
Restart here on the 3rd wall facing 6’

Walk, 1/4L Cross, Chassé 1/4L, Sailor Step, Behind Side Forward
1-2Step R forward (1), Cross L over R doing 1/4L (2) 9:00’
3&4Doing 1/8L Step R to R (3), Step L next to R (&), Doing 1/8L Step R to R (4) 6:00’
5&6Cross L behind R (5), Step R to R (&), Step L to L (6)
7&8Cross R behind L (7), Step L to L (&), Step R forward (8)

Walk, Walk, Mambo Step, Hip Bump 1/2R, Hip Bump 1/4R
1-2Step L forward (1), Step R forward (2)
3&4Rock L forward (3), Recover (&), Step L back (4),
5&6Point R behind and bump your hips R,L,R doing 1/2R, end with weight on your R (5&6) 12’00
7&81/4R Point L to L and bump your hips L,R,L, end with weight on your L (7&8) 3:00’

Back Rock Side, Behind Side Cross, Full Turn
1&2Rock R behind L (1), Recover (&), Step R to R side (2)
3&4Cross L behind R (3), Step R to R (&), Cross L over R (4)
5-61/4R Step R forward (5), 1/4R Step L forward (6), 9’00
7&8&Walk R,L,R,L doing 1/2R (7&8&) 3:00’

Enjoy and have fun !


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