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This Is 30

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Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - January 2024
This Is 30 - Loren Rosko
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Intro: 32 counts, approximately 16 seconds. Start with the weight on L foot.

Sequence: A, B, A, Tag, A, A, B, A, Tag, Tag, Ending

A Pattern – 32 counts, 1 wall
[1 – 8]: Scuff R, side R, L sailor step, ball side L, ⅛ fwd R, press L fwd, swivel L heel out in
1-2Scuff R fwd, step R out to R side
3&4Cross L behind R, step R to side, step L to L side
&5-6Step R next to L, step L to L side, turn 1/8 L crossing R over L
7&8Press L ball fwd (10:30), Swivel L heel out L and back again (weight on R)

[9 – 16]: Back LR, twist heels R & L & down, ⅛ side point click, step R look, roll hips from L to R
1-2Step back on L, R next to L
3&4Twist heels up to R (you’re on your toes), twist both heels to L side, twist heels to R and down (weight R)
&5-6Turn ⅛ L stepping L to L side, point R to R side clicking R hand to L, transfer weight to R looking and clicking to R side
7-8Roll hips counter-clockwise transferring weight to L and back to R

[17 – 24]: Cross L over R, back R, shuffle ¼, step R fwd, knee pop, down L, ball dip ¼ R
1-2Cross L over R, step back on R
3&4Turn ¼ L stepping L fwd, step R next to L, step L fwd (facing 6:00)
5&6Step R fwd, lift both heels, step L down
&7-8Close R next to L, step L fwd bending in knees, turn ¼ R onto R straightening up in knees (9:00)

[25 – 32]: ¾ circle R walking LRLR, rock L fwd, recover on R, point L back, ½ turn L
1-4Walk in ¾ circle to R walking L, R, L, R (6:00)
5-8Rock L fwd rolling hips fwd and back, recover on R, Point L foot back, turn ½ L stepping down on L (12:00)

B Pattern – 16 counts, 1 wall
[1 – 8]: R basic night club, sway LR, ¼ L fwd, full turn L sweep, cross ¼ R into R lunge, ¼ L, step ½ turn L
1-2&Step R to R side, close L behind R, cross R over L
3&Step L to L swaying body L, sway body R. Styling: R index finger point up, to the L, down, and to the R side
4&5Turn ¼ L stepping L fwd, turn ½ L stepping back on R, turn ½ L stepping L fwd and sweeping R fwd (3:00)
6&7Cross R over L, turn ¼ R stepping back on L, lunge R to R side (12:00). Styling: hug yourself
&8&Turn ¼ L stepping L fwd, step R fwd, turn ½ L stepping L fwd (3:00)

[9 – 16]: ¼ L into half diamond, rock R fwd, recover, step turn ½, full turn L, ⅛ out RL
1-2&turn ¼ L stepping R to R side, turn ⅛ L stepping L back, step R back (10:30)
3-4&Turn ¼ L step L fwd, step R fwd, step L fwd (7:30)
5&Rock R fwd, rock L back … Styling: roll in hips fwd and back
6&7&Step R fwd, turn ½ L onto L, turn ½ L stepping R back, turn ½ L stepping L fwd (1:30)
8&Turn ⅛ L stepping R to R side, step L to L side (12:00)

Tag – 16 counts
[1 – 8]: Down R with hip rolls, hitch and snap fingers R, down L with hip rolls, ½ L hitch and snap fingers L
1-4Step R to R side bending in knees rolling hips RLRLR, straighten knees and hitch L snapping R fingers up
5-8Step L to L bending knees rolling hips LRLRL, straighten knees turning ½ L hitching R & snap L fingers up

[9 – 16]: Dorothy step, step, lock, reverse chug ½ L, together
1-2&Step R fwd on R diagonal, lock L behind R, step R fwd
3-4Step L fwd on L diagonal, lock R behind L
5-8Turn ⅛ L chugging L to L side, repeat chugs twice, turn ⅛ L stepping L next to R

Ending – 16 counts
[1 – 8]: Side R, touch and snap fingers R, Hold X2, repeat to L side
1-4Step R to R side bringing R hand to L, snap fingers to R side and touch L foot into the floor, Hold, hold
5-8Step L to L side bringing L hand to R, snap fingers to L side and touch R foot into the floor, Hold, hold

[9 – 16]: Step R back w arms crossed, touch and snap fingers, Hold X2, side L, touch, Hold, repeat steps but with hands, step L out L with hands
1-4Step R back crossing arms in front of body, snap both fingers to sides and touch L foot fwd, Hold, hold
&5-6Step L to L side raising L hand to L with three fingers up, touch R next to L, hold
&7-8L arm goes down as you step R to R side raising R hand up forming a zero, touch L next to R, Hold
1Step L to L side raising both hands up showing 30 (as above)

Copyright © 2024, Shane McKeever & Fred Whitehouse


basmusician February 23, 2024
This was absolutely one of my overall favorite dances from Sunshine N Line 2024! You two never disappoint! Thank you for this wonderful dance!

DancingBunnyUSA February 23, 2024
Learned this dance back in Dec 2023 and loved it!!!!

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