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Paulo McCount

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Siggi Güldenfuß (DE) - March 2024
Adiós - Kyle Bennett Band
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- 10 Years Vivien McCount

Note: The dance starts after 16 counts when the singing begins.

S1. Section: Heel – toe – heel – close, traveling swivels (rambling) to the right, hold/clap
1-2tap right heel forward, tap right toe backward
3-4tap right heel forward, RF next to LF
5-6turn both toes to the right, turn both heel to the right
7-8turn both toes straight forward, hold/clap

S2. Section: same like 1st Section but start with left

S3. Section: Rocking chair, step, scuff, step, scuff
1-2RF step forward, slightly raise LF and weight back onto LF
3-4RF step back, slightly raise LF and weight back onto LF
5-6RF step forward, LF scuff forward
7-8LF step forward, RF scuff forward

S4. Section: Jazz box with ¼ turn r., step, kick, back, touch
1-2cross RF in front of LF, LF step back
3-4¼ turn to the right RF step to the right, LF step forward (3:00)
5-6RF step forward, kick LF forward
7-8LF step back, tap RF next to LF

Tag: Heel – close r./l.
1-2tap right heel forward, RF next to LF
3-4tap left heel forward, LF next to RF
Dance the tag after the 2nd wall (6:00), 3rd wall (9:00), 6th wall (6:00), 7th wall (9:00), 8th wall (12:00), 10th wall (6:00), 11th wall (9:00)

Dance, have fun & smile!


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