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Rosemarie's Love

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Low Intermediate
Aurora de Jong (USA), Mike Wilson (USA) & Ines Gonzalez (USA) - May 2024
Love Like This - Rosemarie
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Start after 16 counts
Restart on Wall 5 after 16 Counts

[1-8]: Step L to Left Side; Cross Rock; Recover; Shuffle w/ Side Roll; HOLD; Ball-Step; Touch
1Step L to Left Side
2 3Cross Rock R over L; Recover L
4&Begin side shuffle to right: Step R to right side; Step L next to R
5Finish shuffle while adding a side roll to right: Step R to right side
&7Step ball of L next to R; Step R to right side
8Touch L next to R

[9-16]: Hip Roll w/ ¼ Turn Left (9:00); L Shuffle; R Diagonal Step-Touch w/ ⅛ Turn Left (7:30); L Kick-Ball-Press.
1 2Rock L to left pushing hips to left; Circle hips counterclockwise making ¼ turn left (9:00) recovering weight back onto R
3&4Shuffle forward LRL
5 6Step R towards right diagonal; Make ⅛ turn left (7:30) and touch L next to R
7&8Kick L foot forward; Step L next to R; Press forward on R
* Restart on Wall 5.

[17-24]: Hitch; Step R-L; Pivot ½ Right (1:30); ¼ Right Turning Toe Strut (4:30); ⅜ Right Turning Toe Strut (9:00)
1Rock back on L while hitching R
2Step R forward
3 4Step L forward; Turn ½ right stepping forward on R (1:30)
5 6Make ¼ turn right (4:30) while touching L toe to side; Drop L heel
7 8Make ⅜ turn right (9:00) while touching R toe to side; Drop R heel
* Note: Turns are fluid in toe struts. Aim to end toe struts facing 9:00 wall.

[25-32]: Jazz Box; Clap Twice; Elvis Knees *2; Rolling Vine Left
1 2 3First 3 steps of a jazz box: Cross L over R; Step R back; Step L to left side
&4Clap; Clap
5Roll right knee in towards left
6Recover right knee and roll left knee in towards right
7 8Begin rolling vine left: Turn ¼ left stepping L forward (6:00); Turn ½ left stepping R back (12:00)

To start dance again, make one more ¼ turn left (9:00) stepping L to left side on count 1. This is the first step of the new wall.

Restart on Wall 5: Wall 5 starts at 12:00. The restart will occur after 16 counts with you doing the kick-ball-press towards the 7:30 diagonal. Change the kick-ball-press in the second set of 8 into a kick-ball-step as follows:
7&8Kick L foot forward; Step L next to R; Step forward on R
Square back up to 9:00 to begin the dance again, stepping L to left side.

Ending: Dance will end at the end of Wall 10. The last 8 counts will be facing the back wall. Modify the rolling vine into two quarter left turns to end facing the front as follows:
5 6(Elvis knees facing back wall, identical to other walls)
7Turn ¼ left stepping L forward (3:00)
8Turn ¼ left stepping R to right side (12:00)


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