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Phrased Intermediate
Lana Garonska (DE) - May 2024
Reste - MaƮtre Gims & Sting
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#16 count intro. Start dance on vocal
A*- 32 counts from part A.

PART A (40 counts)
A1: 2 Steps forward R L, Kick Out Out, R sailor step, L sailor step ¼ L.
1-2Step forward R, Step forward L
3&4Kick R forward, Step R side (&) and L to left side (4)
5&6step R behind L, step L beside R, step R side
7&8step L behind R turn ¼ L (9:00), step R beside L, step L side.

A2: Step R forward, touch L, step L forward, touch R, step R forward, touch L, sailor step ¼ L
1-2Step R forward, touch L side
3-4Step L forward, touch R side
5-6Step R forward, touch L side
7&8step L behind R turn ¼ L (6:00), step R beside L, step L side.

A3: Step R forward, ¼ touch L, ¼ step back L, touch R, step back R,L, R anchor step
1-2Step R forward, turn ¼ R touching L beside R (9:00)
3-4Turn ¼ R steping L back, Touch R beside L (12:00)
5-6Step R back, step L back (optional: with heel swivel)
7&8Step R back, recover weight to L, recover to R.

A4: Step R ¼ side, touch L, Step ¼ L, ¼ touch R, syncopated L jazz box, step ¼ L
1-2Step L side turning 1/4 (9:00), touch R side
3-4Step R ¼ forward (12:00), turn ¼ touching L side (3:00)
5-6Cross L over R, step R back
&7 8Step L side (&), Cross R over L (7), turn ¼ L stepping L forward (12:00).
A*- restart A from this part.

A5: Step R L forward, R forward mambo step, step back L R, L anchor step
1-2Step forward R, Step forward L
3&4Rock R forward, recover to L, step back R
5-6Step back L, step back R
7&8Step L back, recover weight to R, recover to L.

PART B (32 counts)
B1: Run R L R forward, rock L forward, L back, syncopate R jazzbox, L touch
1&2Small run forward R L R
3-4Rock L forward, recover to R
5-6step L back, cross R over L
&7-8Step L side, Step R side, touch L beside R.

B2: Run L R L back swivelling heels, rock R back, R jazzbox turning ½ R
1&2Small step back L swivel R heel, step back R swivel L heel, step back L swiveling R heel
3-4Rock R back, recover to L
5-6Cross R over L, turn ¼ R step L back
7-8Turn 1/4 R stepping R forward, step L forward.

B3: Repeat B1

B4: Repeat B2


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