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A Little Bit Psycho

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Ole Jacobson (DE) & Nina K. (DE) - January 2019
Sweet but Psycho - Ava Max
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Start after 32 beats on the beat

[1-8] 1/2 turn L with toe-strut, 1/2 turn R with toe-strut, sailor step R+L
1,21/2 Turn L on LF, touch RF next to LF (shoulder width) - RF set down
3,41/2 Turn R on RF, touch LF next to RF (shoulder width) - LF set down
5&6Cross RF behind LF - LF small step to left - RF small step to right
7&8Cross LF behind RF - RF small step to right - LF small step to left

[9-16] Back, recover, shuffle forward, 1/4 paddle turn R (2x)
1,2RF step back and weight - weight recover on LF
3&4RF step forward - LF to RF - RF step forward
5,6LF step forward - 1/4 turn R of RF
7,8LF step forward - 1/4 turn R of RF (weight on RF)

[17-24] Cross, back with 1/4 turn L, shuffle 1/2 turn L. slide, shuffle back
1,2Cross LF over RF - 1/4 turn L, RF step back
3&41/4 turn L, LF Step forward - RF next to LF - 1/4 turn L, LF step forward
5,6RF big step to the right - Pull LF to RF and drop LF next to RF
7&8RF step back - LF to RF - RF step back

[25-32] Slide, shuffle forward, toe strut R+L
1,2LF big step to the left - Pull RF to LF and drop RF next to LF
3&4LF step forward - RF to LF - LF step forward
5,6Tap RF forward - RF set down
7,8Tap LF forward - LF set down
..und von vorn

Finish; At the end of the last wall, replace the last paddle turn (7,8) 1/4 R turn by 1/2 turn R and then step forward LF (12 o'clock)
Last Update - 27 Jan. 2019


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