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Beers Ago-Go

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Improver / Easy Intermediate
Gaye Teather (UK) - November 2011
Beers Ago - Toby Keith : (CD: Clancy's Tavern)
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Intro: 32 counts from very first beat (16 from heavy beat) Dance rotates in CW direction

Start on vocals “Hand me down” – 13 seconds into track

Right kick-ball-change x 2. Jazz box. Cross
1&2Kick Right forward. Step Right beside Left. Step Left in place
3&4Kick Right forward. Step Right beside Left. Step Left in place
5 – 6Cross Right over Left. Step back on Left
7 – 8Step Right to Right side. Cross Left over Right

Side. Quarter turn Left. Coaster step. Heel grind quarter turn Right. Back rock
1 – 2Step Right to Right side. Quarter turn Left keeping weight on Right
Styling note: Dip knees slightly on count 1 and straighten on count 2. Shimmy shoulders at same time
3&4Step back on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left
5 – 6Touch Right heel forward. Quarter turn Right fanning Right toes to Right (weight remains on Left) (Facing 12 o’clock)
7 – 8Rock back on Right. Recover onto Left

Tap, Step. Tap. Step. Forward and out x 2. Back. Together
1 – 2Tap Right toe in front of Left foot turning Right knee in. Step Right beside Left
3 – 4Tap Left toe in front of Right foot turning Left knee in. Step Left beside Right
5 – 6Step Right diagonally forward Right. Step Left diagonally forward Left (small steps)
7 – 8Step Right back to centre. Step Left beside Right
*Restart here during wall 5 (You will be facing 12 o’clock)
Styling note:
Counts 1 & 3 Click fingers at shoulder height
Counts 7 – 8 May be replaced with “frog legs” (rise onto toes and bring knees together twice)

Shuffle forward. Step. Pivot half turn Right. Shuffle forward. Step. Pivot quarter turn Left
1&2Step forward on Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right
3 – 4Step forward on Left. Pivot half turn Right
5&6Step forward on Left. Step Right beside Left. Step forward on Left
7 – 8Step forward on Right. Pivot quarter turn Left (Facing 3 o’clock)

Start again

Choreographer’s note: This is a fun and rocky track so inject as much style as you want. Make it your own and give it all you’ve got!!


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