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Caribbean Queen

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Novice / Intermediate - Non-Country Cha Cha
Therese Johnsson (SWE) - April 2022
Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run) - Billy Ocean : (Album: The very best of Billy Ocean)
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[1-9] compact chasse left, compact chasse right, L-sway left, sway right, step leftwith sway, cross rock RF, recover LF
1, 2&Step LF to left side, Step RF beside LF, Weight on LF (12.00)
3, 4&Step RF to right side, Step LF beside RF, Weight on RF
5,6sway right, sway left
7sway and step to left
8, 1cross rock RF slightly over LF, recover to LF

[10-17] chasse right, rock LF fwd, recover RF, turn ½ step LF, turn ½ step back RF, turn up ¼left- LF, cross RF over LF, point LF
2&3Step RF to right side, Step LF beside RF, Step RF to right side (12.00)
4, 5Rock LF forward, recover to RF
6&7Step LF ½ (06.00), Step RF back ½(12.00), Step LF ¼ to left side (09.00)
8, 1cross RF over LF, point LF to left side

[18-24] cross- step 1/8 left side, together, shuffelturn ½, rock LF back recover RF
2&3cross step LF over RF diagonal (7.30) to right side, step RF to right diagonal, step LF beside RF
4, 5, 6cross-step RF 1/8 turning left, Step LF 1/8 turning left, step RF back turning 1/8 turning left (03.00)
7, 8rock LF back, recover RF

[25-32] chasse L forward, step RF hip roll 1/4 left, step RF hip roll ¼ left, chasse R forward
1&2step LF forward, step RF behind LF, Step LF forward
3, 4steps RF forward while starting hip roll from L to R and turn 1/4 L, close LF next to RF
5, 6steps RF forward while starting hip roll from L to R and turn 1/4 L, close LF next to RF
7&8&Step RF forward, Step LF behind RF, Step RF forward, set Left foot on place to begin again!



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