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Crank It Up

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High Beginner
Kerri Lessard - June 2015
Crank It Up - Colt Ford
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#32 count Intro: Start dancing on the word hips

[1-8] Hip bumps R-L-R, Bump L hip x2, Step R, Cross/ kick - step L
1Step R foot out to R side and bump R hip
2Transfer weight to L foot & bump L hip
3Transfer weight back to R foot & bump R hip
4-5Transfer weight back to L foot & bump L hip twice
6Transfer weight to R foot
7-8Kick L across R (to R diag) – replace L foot next to R
STYLING NOTE: You will hear a “whoop-whoop” on counts 4-5 during chorus.
For a fun option, gesture your right hand like a lasso when doing double L hip bumps.

[9-16] Heel Jacks, Weave left with L ¼ turn – scuff R
1-2Step R foot to R side – cross L behind R
&3Step R foot beside L – tap L heel to L diagonal
&4Step L foot beside R – cross R over L
5-6Step L foot to L side – cross R behind L
7-8Step L forward ¼ turn left – scuff R foot forward . . . . 9:00

[17-24] Rocking Chair, ½ Pivot turn, Fwd step/lock/step
1-2Rock R foot forward – recover back on L
3-4Rock R foot back – recover forward on L
5-6Step R foot forward – pivot ½ turn L . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3:00
7&8Step R forward – step L behind R – step R forward

[25-32] Rock-recover, Coaster step, Big step R, Big step L
1-2Rock L foot forward – recover back on R
3&4Step L back – step R next to L – step L forward
5-6Take big step to R side with R foot – drag L in & touch L toe next to R
7-8Take big step to L side with L foot – drag R in & touch R toe next to L

RESTART: Begin dancing wall 4 on 9:00 wall. After first 16 counts restart dance on 6:00 wall.

TAG: At end of wall 9 you will be facing 9:00 wall. Repeat last 4 counts of dance (counts 29-32)

ENDING: At the end of the dance you will be facing the 3:00 wall and there will be one more beat of music just long enough to do count 1 as he sings “so crank it up”. Punch your right fist in the air as you step your right foot to the side and bump right hip to end the dance.



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