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Phrased High Intermediate
Linda McCormack (UK) & Gemma McCormack - April 2014
Eez-Eh by Kasabian
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Count in: 32 count intro - Notes: 1 Restart
Phrasing: A, B, A (Restart after 16 count), A, B, A, A, B, A, A, B A, A, B

Part A - 32 counts
[1-8] Switches (R,L); together; R forward; hip thrusts; R coaster step; L forward; ¼ pivot
1&2Touch RF to right side (1); step RF together with LF (&); Touch LF to L side (2);
&3&4Step LF together with RF (&); Step RF forward [weight even] (3); thrust hips forward and back [with slight bent knees] (&4);
5&6R coaster step [step R behind, L together, R forward] (3&4);
7,8Step forward on LF (7); ¼ pivot [facing 3 o clock wall] (8);

[9-16] Cross; ¼ back; sweeps x 2 (R,L); L coaster step; ½ twists x 2
1,2Cross LF over RF (1); ¼ turn over L shoulder stepping back on RF [facing 12 o clock wall](2);
3,4Step LF together with RF whilst sweeping RF round (3); step RF together with LF whilst sweeping LF round (4);
5&6L coaster step [LF behind, RF together, LF forward] (5&6);
7,8[keep feet in position] twist ½ turn [to 6 o clock wall] (7); twist ½ turn [back to 12 o clock wall] (8);

[17-24] R shuffle forward; L forward mambo; heel twists; ¼ monteray
1&2Shuffle forward on the RF [forward on RF, together with LF, forward on RF] (1&2);
3&4Forward on LF (3); recover weight back onto RF (&); step LF together with RF (4);
5&6[feet together] twists heels to R (5); twist toes to R (&); twist heels to R (6);
7&8Touch RF to R side (7); bring RF into meet LF whilst turn ¼ over R shoulder [facing 3 o clock] (&); touch LF to L side (8);

[25-32] Cross, side and cross side; Rock back recover; side, step together
1,2&3,4Cross LF over R (1); step RF to R side (2); step LF together with RF (&); cross RF over LF (3); step LF to L side (4);
5,6Rock RF behind LF (5); recover weight back onto LF (6);
7,8Step RF to R side (7); step LF next to RF [weight ends on LF](8);

Part B - 8 counts
[1-8] Step, step forward; 3 x hip bumps turning ½; touch together; kick, boogie walks x2; ½ turn stepping together
&,1,2,3,4Step RF in place (&); step forward on LF with a hip bump (1); 2 x hips bumps turning ½ turn over R shoulder [to face 9 o clock] (2,3); touch RF together with LF (4);
5&Kick RF into R diagonal (5); step RF together with LF (&);
6,7,8Boogie walks x 2 [L,R] (6,7); turning a ½ over R shoulder [to face 3 o clock] step LF together with RF (8);

Parts A & B both leaving RF available to start again on the R switch



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