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Joey Warren (USA) - October 2011
Message in a Bottle - Jay Sean
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Step Pivot ½ Turn, Ball-Rock-Recover, Ball-Rock-Step, ¼ Rock & Cross
1-2-&Step R fwd, ½ Turn L taking weight on L, Step R beside L
3-4-&Rock fwd on L, Recover back on R, Step L back beside R
5 – 6Rock back on R opening body to R, Recover to L and body center
7-&-8¼ Turn L rocking out on R, Recover over to L, Cross R over L

¼ Turn, ½ Turn Sweep, Rock-Recover, Weave, Rock-Recover-Slide, Weave w/ ¼
& - 1¼ Turn R stepping back on L, ½ Turn R stepping fwd on R sweeping L out
2 – 3Rock fwd on to L, Recover back on R sweeping L out
4-&-5Step L behind R, Step R out to R, Cross rock L over R
& - 6Recover back on R, Step L out to L while dragging R toward L
7-&-8Step down on R, Step L behind R, ¼ Turn R stepping R fwd

Ball-Step-Coaster, ¼, ¼ Sweep, Weave w/ Cross, Rock-Recover Half Turn
& - 1Ball step L beside R, Step R fwd w/ bent knee like your dipping down slightly
2-&-3Step back on L, Step R back beside L, Step L fwd
4-&-5¼ Turn R rocking out on R, ¼ Turn L taking weight on L, ½ Turn L stepping back on R & sweeping L around (¼ turns are quick really meant for lower body/feet)
6-&-7Step L behind R, Step R out to R, Cross L over R
8-&-1Rock R out to R, ¼ Turn L recovering weight to L, ¼ Turn L stepping R out to R

Basic R, Basic L, Rock-Recover-Step, Step-Half, R Chase Turn
2-&-3Rock L behind R, Recover down on R, Big step L with L
4-&-5Rock R behind L, Recover down on L, Rock R out to R
&-6-7Recover over to L, Step R fwd (slightly lift L foot up), ½ Turn L stepping L fwd
8-&-1Step R fwd, ½ Turn L stepping down on L, Step R fwd (this is 1st count of dance)
Easy Option for last counts
&-6-7Recover over to L, Step/Rock R fwd (slightly lift L foot up), Step back on L foot slightly dragging R
8-&-1Step back on R, Step L back beside R, Step fwd on R (1st count of dance)

Restarts: The first one occurs during 2nd wall; The second during the 5th wall.
Dance all the first 16 counts and the & 1 count of the 3rd eight count. The 1 count is the restart and the start of your dance.
So you do your ¼ turn weave of the 2nd 8 and then ball step on the Left and step fwd on the Right which is the start of your dance!



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