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Guylaine Bourdages (FR) & Stéphane Cormier (CAN) - September 2017
Holy Moly Guacamole by: Jason Allan. Album: Here's to you
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Intro: Rapid 3 counts

SECTION 1 : RF Forward, Rock Step LF forward & Sweep LF, Sailor Step LF and RF, Behind , Side Cross
1-3RF Forward (1) , LF forward, Recover on RF and do sweep with LF from front to back (2-3)
4&5(Sailor Step LF) LF cross behind RF, RF to right, LF slightly to left (4&5)
6&7(Sailor Step RF) RF cross behind LF, LF to left, RF slightly to right (6&7)
8&1LF cross behind RF, RF to right, LF cross in front of RF (8&1)

SECTION 2 : Pause, Ball Cross, kIck RF Diag Right Forward, Jazz Box RF, LF forward
2&3Pause (2), Ball of RF to right (&), LF cross in front of RF (3)
4kick RF Diagonally right forward (4)
5-8RF cross in front of LF (5), LF back (6), RF to right (7), LF forward (8)

SECTION 3 : Rock Step RF forward, Out Out, Pause, Hip Roll ( to left ), Kick Ball Cross
1-2RF forward (1), Recover on LF (2)
&3-4RF to right slightly back (&), LF to, left (3), Pause (4)
5-6Roll Hips full turn left on 2 counts finish with weight on LF) (5-6)
7&8kick RF Diagonally right forward (7), Ball of RF slightly back (&), LF cross in front of RF (8)

SECTION 4 : (1/4R) RF forward, LF Forward Step Turn 1/2R, Mambo cross LF in front of RF, Mambo cross RF in front of LF , Kick ball Step
1-3(1/4R) RF forward (1), LF forward (2), pivot 1/2R, transfer weignt on RF forward (3) (9H)
4&5LF cross in front of RF (4), recover weight on RF (&), LF to left (5)
6&7RF cross in front of LF (6), recover weight on LF (&), RF to right (7)
8&Kick LF forward (8) Ball of RF slightly back (&)

TAG of [13 ½] counts BEFORE STARTING WALL 8 (Facing 9H)
1-2Stomp RF forward (1), Pause (2)
3-4Stomp LF forward (3), Pause (4)
&5-6(Out Out) RF to right (&), LF to left (5), Hip Bump to left (6)
7-82 hip Bump to right (7-8)

1-2Stomp LF forward (1), Pause (2)
3-4Stomp RF forward (3), Pause (4)
5&Kick PG forward (5), Ball on RF (&)

Excellente collaboration between Guylaine Bourdages & Stéphane Cormier at festival Western de St-Tite 2017 (Québec,Canada)

Have FUN !!!!!


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