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Meaning Of Life
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Gemma Ridyard – November 2017
Meaning Of Life – Kelly Clarkson
(2 Restarts on walls 3 & 6 - Tag at the end of wall 7 )

Step Sweep And Weave, Cross Rock & Cross Unwind, 2x Runs Pivot, Triple Full Turn Forward
1Step RF forward as you sweep LF from back to front
2&a3cross LF in front of RF, step RF to R side, cross LF behind RF, step RF to R side
4&a5cross rock LF ov RF, replace weight to RF, step LF to L side angle body to 10,30 , cross RF over LF unwinding 1/2 a turn L keeping weigh back on RF (5.30)
6a7step LF forward (5.30), close RF next to LF, step LF forward making a pivot 1/2 turn R keeping weight back on LF (10.30)
8&astep RF forward, make 1/2 a turn R stepping LF back, make 1/2 a turn R stepping RF forward (10.30)

2x Walks, Jazz Box Cross, Swivel Swivel, Mambo Forward, Run Back
1 2step LF forward, step RF forward sweeping LF from back to front
3&a4cross LF over RF, step RF back, step LF to L side, cross RF over LF
5 6unwind 1/2 a turn LF transferring weight to LF, unwind 1/2 a turn R transferring weigh to RF
7&8arock LF forward, replace weight to RF, step LF back, step RF back
** Restarts come here on walls 3 facing 3.00 & wall 6 facing 6.00)

Reverse Body Roll, Pivot 1/2 Turn, 2 X Twinkles Forward, Cross Unwind 1/2, R Cross Shuffle
1 2step LF back as you push hip backs beginning a reverse body roll, finishing the roll weight remains on LF ( optional styling bringing both hands to R hand crossed under LF)
3 4step RF forward, pivot 1/2 a turn L keeping weight back on RF (5.30) (optional styling as finish the pivot drop you arms to waist height with elbows bent and hands splayed)
5&across LF over RF, rock RF to R side, replace weight to LF
6&across RF over LF, rock LF to L side, replace weight to RF
7cross LF over RF unwinding 1/2 a turn R weight stays back on L foot (10.30) (optional styling as you cross shoot both arms forward from hip height palms down)
8&astill facing 10.30 cross RF over LF, step LF to L side, cross RF over LF

Sweep Hitch, Weave Sweep, Behind Side Cross, Walk In A Arc, Run Around
1sweeping LF from back to front bending L knee as the foot comes forward
(optional styling as you sweep hitch, L arm stretches out at shoulder height taking R arm away from the body arching rib cage and taking R arm over head)
2&a3cross LF over RF, step RF to R side, cross LF behind RF, sweep RF from front to back
4&cross RF behind LF, step LF to L side
5 6 7step RF forward to 10.30, cross LF over RF making a 1/4 to 2.30, step RF for 1/8 to 3.00
8&aR Run around a 1/2 turn L,R,L to finish facing 9.00

Tag end of wall 7 facing 3o'clock wall
1,2 3,4sway hips R,L,R,L

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