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Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Nicola Lafferty (UK) - September 2015
Move - Luke Bryan
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Intro: 32 Count Intro

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Triple, Sweep, Cross, Back, Back, Cross Unwind ¾ Turn
1,2Walk fwd RF, Walk fwd LF
3&4Step RF fwd, Close LF to RF, Step RF fwd as you sweep LF from front to back
5&6Cross RF over LF, Step back on LF, step back on RF (feet apart)
7,8Cross RF over LF, unwind a ¾ turn to L transferring weight to LF

[9-16] Step, Ballchange x 2, Cross Stomp, Side Stomp, Sailor Step, Syncopated Weave to Slide
1Step RF fwd
&2Angling body to R diagonal, step ball of LF to L side, recover weight to RF
&3Angling body to R diagonal, step ball of LF to L side, recover weight to RF
&Squaring up to front, Stomp LF across RF
4Stomp RF to R side
5&6Cross LF behind RF, step RF to R side, Step LF in place
&7&Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L side, Cross RF over LF
8Slide LF a big step to L side

[17-24] Hitch, Ball Cross, 2 x Walks with ½ Turn R, Rocks into Back Slide
1&2Hitch R Knee, Step down on RF, Cross LF in front of RF
3,4Making ½ curving turn over R shoulder to face 9.00, Walk RF, Walk LF
5&Rock RF fwd, recover weight to LF
6&Rock RF back, recover weight to LF
7&Rock RF fwd, recover weight to LF
8Slide RF a big step back (face 9.00)

[25-32] Sweep x2, Behind, Side, Cross, Touch, Hitch, Turn, Step, Cross, Back, Together
1Step LF back as you sweep RF from front to back
2Step RF back as you sweep LF from front to back
3&4Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to R side, Cross LF in front of RF
5&6Touch RF to R side, Hitch R knee as you make a full turn L on LF, Step RF to R side
7&8Cross LF in front of RF, Step RF back, Step LF beside RF


elvecioleon October 17, 2015
Looking at the attached video we see an inconsistency with the steps "[1-8] 5&6" of the script. So I think it is necessary to correct them by replacing them with: "5&6 Cross LF over RF, Step back on RF, step back on LF (feet apart)"

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