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Beginner with Options
Kari McHugh Kyriakos (USA) - August 2017
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#32-Count Intro

Sec. 1 (1-8) RFrwdRockRcvr, TripleInPlace; LBkwdRockRcvr, TripleInPlace
1,2,3&4StepRightFrwd, RecoverLeftInPlace, StepRightBesideLeft, StepLeftInPlace, StepRightInPlace;
5,6,7&8StepLeftBkwd, RecoverRightInPlace, StepLeftBesideRight, StepRightInPlace, StepLeftInPlace

Sec. 2 (9-16) RSideRockRcvr, TripleInPlace; LSideRockRcvr, TripleInPlace
1,2,3&4StepRightToRightSide, RecoverLeftInPlace, StepRightBesideLeft, StepLeftInPlace, StepRightInPlace;
5,6,7&8StepLeftToLeftSide, RecoverRightInPlace, StepLeftBesideRight, StepRightInPlace, StepLeftInPlace

Sec. 3 (17-24) CrossRckRcvr(ROverL), TripleInPlace*; CrossRckRcvr(LOverR), TripleInPlace**
1,2,3&4StepRDiagonallyAcrossL, RecoverLeftInPlace; StepRightBesideLeft, StepLeftInPlace, StepRightInPlace;
5,6,7&8StepLDiagonallyAcrossR, RecoverRightInPlace; StepLeftBesideRight, StepRightInPlace, Step Left In Place

Sec. 4 (25-32) 1/4PivotToLeft, TripleInPlace***; 1/2PivotToRight, TripleInPlace****
1,2StepRightBallFrwd, ¼PivotTurnToLeft
3&4StepRightBesideLeft, StepLeftInPlace, StepRightInPlace;
5,6StepLeftBallFrwd, ½PivotTurnToRight,
7&8StepLeftBesideRight, StepRightInPlace, StepLeftInPlace


Modification Options for Advancing Beginners – See asterisks in blue above
There are 4 TripleInPlace steps, each marked by an asterisk, which can be substituted with Shuffles instead:
In Sec. 3 where the TripleInPlace is marked with *, a RightSideShuffle (RLR) can be done instead.
In Sec. 3 where the TripleInPlace is marked with **, a LeftSideShuffle (LRL) can be done.
In Sec. 4 where the TripleInPlace is marked with ***, a ForwardShuffle( RLR) can be done.
In Sec. 4 where the TripleInPlace is marked with ****, a ForwardShuffle (LRL) can be done.

If still more shuffles are desired, in Sec. 1 you can substitute a Bkwd Shuffle(RLR) for the first Triple In Place and a Frwd Shuffle(LRL) for the second Triple In Place.

Please feel at liberty to substitute in-place triples with shuffles as you’d like for your students’ learning.
All these substitutions can help the student understand that a shuffle is just a sliding linear triple.




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