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Time In A Bottle
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Intermediate - waltz
Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, TheDanceFactoryUK, (March 2013)
Time In A Bottle – John Berry
Start approx. 14 secs into song on the word ‘I’ after ‘IF’ – [82bpm – 2mins 54secs]

[1-6] L & R fwd travelling twinkles
1-3Stepping forward cross step L over R, step R side, turning towards left diagonal step L forward
4-6Stepping forward cross step R over L, step L side, turning toward right diagonal step R forward (1 o’clock)

[7-12] On R diagonal: L fwd, R lift, R kick fwd, R back, L side, R fwd (towards L diagonal)
1-3Facing towards right diagonal step L forward, lift R leg up, kick R forward
4-6Step R back, turning to front wall step L side, turning towards left diagonal step R fwd (11 o’clock)

[13-18] L fwd, R fwd, ½ L pivot turn, R fwd (5th), ½ R step L back, ½ R step R fwd
1-3Step L forward, step R forward, pivot ½ left (to back left diagonal) (5 o’clock)
4-6Step R forward (extended 5th), turning ½ right step L back, turning ½ right step R forward

[19-24] L fwd waltz balance, dramatic run back R/L/R
1-3On left diagonal step L forward, step R together, step L back
4-6Dramatic run back R, L, R (still facing left diagonal)

[25-30] L back, R back rock/recover, ¾ L turn, R cross step
1-3Step L back, rock back on R, recover weight on L
4-6Turning ½ left step R back, turning ¼ left step L side, cross step R over L (looking toward back R diagonal) (7 o’clock)

[31-36] 1/8 L, R sweep back to front cross step R over L, L back, R back, L cross step
1-3Turning 1/8 left to square to back wall step L forward, sweep R from back to front, cross step R over L (6 o’clock)
4-6Step L back on slight R diagonal, step R back, cross step L over R turning body to R diagonal (this angling is just for styling you are still facing your 6 o’clock wall)

[37-42] R back, ½ L on R & hook L over R, L fwd, R fwd, ½ L pivot, R fwd
1-3Step R back, with weight remaining on R turn ½ left and hook L across R, step L forward (12 o’clock)
4-6Step R forward, pivot ½ left, step R forward (6 o’clock)

[43-48] L scissor step, full L turn to finish (R toe towards R diagonal to start with L twinkle)
1-3Step L side, step R next to L, cross step L over R
4-6Turning ¼ left step R back, turning ½ left step L forward, turning ¼ left step R to R side (R toe towards R diagonal)

Wall 4 RESTART: During wall 4, which starts facing back wall, dance 1st 21 steps and then modify the dramatic run R back, L back, R side (squaring to front wall) HOLD, listen for the vocal to start and then Start after the word IF.

ENDING: Dance first 24 counts you will be facing back wall. Cross L over R, and wait, and slowly unwind ½ R to front to finish.

Contact: Tel: 01462 735778 - Website: www.thedancefactoryuk.co.uk

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