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Woo - Hoo

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Tina Summerfield (UK) - November 2012
Woo - Anthony Hamilton : (Album: Back To Love)
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Intro: 24 counts (approx 19 secs into track)

Section 1: Step R side, Rock L behind, Recover, Step L side, Rock R behind, Recover, Touch R side, Touch R in beside L, Hitch R knee, Run back R, L, R
1-2&Step right to right side, rock back on left, recover to right
3-4&Step left to left side, rock back on right, recover to left
5&6Touch right to right side, touch right in beside left, hitch right knee
7&8Run back x3 (right, left, right)

Section 2: Coaster step, Shuffle forward on R, Step L forward, Lock R behind, Shuffle forward on L
1&2Step left back, step right beside left, step Left forward
3&4Step right forward, close left beside right, step right forward
5-6Step left forward , lock right behind left (Optional styling Count 5 drop left shoulder forward leaning slightly forward , count 6, roll left shoulder back straightening up)
7&8Step left forward, close right beside left, step left forward
Restart* walls 2 and 5

Section 3: Pivot ½ turn L, Pivot ¼ turn L, Close R beside L, Heel split, Close, Hitch R knee, Coaster step
1-2Step forward on right, pivot ½ turn left
3&4Step forward on right, pivot ¼ turn left, close right beside left (3.00)
5&6Split heels apart, close heels together, hitch right knee
7&8Step back on right, close left beside right, step forward on right

Section 4: Heel switches L, R, L Drag L in to close beside R, Heel switches R, L, R Drag R in to touch beside L
1&2&3Dig left heel forward, close left beside right, dig right heel forward, close right beside left, dig left heel forward
4Drag left back to close beside right (taking weight onto left foot and pushing hips back)
5&6&7Dig right heel forward, close right beside left, dig left heel forward, close left beside right, dig right heel forward
8Drag right back to touch beside left

Restarts - after 16 counts: wall 2 facing 3.00 and wall 5 facing 9.00

Choreographed as a floor split with Soul Fire choreographed by Ria Vos



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