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You're My World
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Sandy Kerrigan (Sydney) Australia – August 2015
You're My World by Cilla Black / 35th Anniversary Collection / iTunes
*2nd Choice music -You’re My World by Patrizio Buanne/iTunes

Rotation – ¼ L
Dance Starts: 16 Counts in on Lyrics -Track Length 3:02 – BMP [180] – Version 1:00

½ Turn L Step Back, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Step Side, Cross Rock, Step ¼ Fwd, Cross Walk, Cross 9:00
1 2 &Turning ½ L-Step Back on R-Sweeping L, Cross L Behind R, Step R to R Side
3 4 & 5 6Cross Rock L over R, Replace Back to R, Step L to L, Cross Rock R over L, Replace to L
& 7 8Turning ¼ R Step Fwd on R, Cross L slightly over R, Cross R slightly over L

Step Fwd, Hitch with ¼ Turn, Cross, Step Side, Back Rock, Side, Back Rock, ¼ Back, ½, Step Fwd, Fwd 3:00
1 2Step Fwd L-Hitching R with ¼ turn L, Cross R over L
& 3 4 & 5 6Step L to L Side, Rock Back on R, Replace to L, Step R to R Side, Rock Back on L, Replace to R
(The back rock steps are deep and on the natural diagonal)
& 7 8Tuning R to face 9:00 wall-Step Back on L, ½ Turn Fwd R-Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L

Rock Fwd, Replace, Step Back, Back, Fwd, Back , Step Back Sweep, Step Back Sweep, Sailor ¼ Point 6:
1 2 &Rock Fwd R, Replace Back to L, Step Back R
3 4 &Step Back L, Rock Fwd R, Push Back to L
5 6Step Back R-Sweeping L Back Around, Step Back L-sweeping R Back Around
7 & 8Cross R Behind L, Turning ¼ R-Step L to L Side, Point R Fwd 6:00

Step Together, Back Rock, ½ r Back, ½ R Fwd, Step Fwd, Step Back, Back Sweep, Behind, ¼ Fwd, ½ Pivot 9:00
& 1 2Step R Back next to L, Rock Back on L, Replace Fwd to R
& 3 4 &Turning Fwd R-½ R Step Back on L, ½ R step Fwd R, Small Step Fwd L**, Push Back to R
5 6 &Step Back on L-Sweeping R Back Around, Cross R Behind L, Turn ¼ L-Step Fwd L
7 8Step Fwd R, ½ Pivot Turn L-wt on L 9:00

Note: At this marker** wall 4 has a Restart at count 28
Wall 4 starts at 3:00 Restart facing 9:00
When starting the dance after wall 1, the step back R is now a smaller step.

My dear friend Ellen Lee, this dance is for you…Saint Ellen……..

Contact: 0412 723 326 - http://www.kerrigan.com.au/

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